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Visiting vineyards and wineries, flying in a hot air balloon, enjoying the mythical Laurel Street or relaxing in unique spaces are the perfect combination for a romantic getaway.

There are places that exude true romanticism and Logroño is one of them. Good wine, traditional hotels, charming streets, historic wineries, exquisite gastronomy and unforgettable landscapes that can even be seen from above. The list is extensive. The capital of La Rioja is the ideal destination to start the year travelling as a couple. We propose a getaway with four plans that can turn your stay into a romantic adventure.

The legendary Laurel Street and a romantic dinner

Logroño has endless possibilities, but since it’s all about love, there’s nothing more romantic than getting lost in one of its most historic places, Calle Laurel, a place that concentrates all the entertainment that Logroño has to offer and which has more than 60 establishments -thirteen are restaurants and the rest are bars- where you can enjoy wine, “tapas” and local gastronomy.

There are two options for enjoying the so-called ‘elephant trail’. The first is the classic “tapeo” hopping from bar to bar sampling the “pinchos” and “tapas” that are consumed standing up in each establishment. The other can be a romantic evening in a more relaxed atmosphere in a restaurant, sitting comfortably and tasting the delicacies of the region.

Photos: courtesy of Laurel Street

Calle Laurel is the best way to soak up the atmosphere of the city. Here you can find both traditional and modern bars, and each one has its own star tapa or pincho, such as the oldest bar, Blanco y Negro, where you can enjoy its speciality, the ‘matrimonio’, a small mouthful of anchovy and green pepper, or the famous ‘cojonudos’ from El Muro (skewers of minced chorizo with quail egg and pepper), or the grilled mushrooms with Soriano prawns and options such as the traditional patatas bravas, “preñaos” (a kind of bread stuffed with chorizo or bacon)… among other varied offers. Without a doubt, a stroll along this traditional street and good company are the perfect combination to savour Logroño.

Between vineyards and wineries

If you are in Logroño, get ready to discover a world of sensations around traditional wines and unique landscapes. Sign up for a romantic getaway through its vineyards and wineries. Logroño is the capital of La Rioja, one of Spain’s most famous wine regions, not for nothing. Many wineries offer activities and authentic visits to get up close and personal with the extensive vineyards of this municipality, some with the possibility of horseback riding, cycling, staying overnight or, if you want to get a head start, there are virtual tasting options. And… You don’t need to be an expert oenologist!

  • Fact: discover the wineries of Logroño and their main offers here.

Ballooning over the vineyards

It is clear to us that Logroño is synonymous with wine. But how about a look at the vineyards from above? Don’t miss the experience that allows you to fly over the Rioja plantations in a hot air balloon and experience a unique moment as a couple. Finally, they say that love is in the clouds! Of course, you have to get up early, but the reward will be even greater for the views of the multicoloured landscape that give free rein to romanticism. The activity usually lasts just over an hour and when you descend you will have to make the traditional toast with champagne at the landing site. And don’t forget to ask for your ‘Aerial Baptism’, a diploma certifying that you have experienced this extraordinary adventure.

  • Fact: to enjoy this experience you will have to travel to the town of Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, where the facilities of Globos Arcoiris are locate. More information here
Courtesy of Globos Arcoíris

Wine therapy or a relaxing getaway to Logroño

If you are in the land of wine and in a romantic mood, don’t overlook the temples dedicated to relaxation which, as you would expect, offer various treatments based on the virtues of the typical drink. There are spa hotels with a wide range of protocols or centres specialising in treatments such as wine therapy, for example. And the fact is that immersing yourself in the pleasure of wine is not only a treat that will pamper your skin but will also allow you to relax with that special someone.

So make the most of your getaway and don’t miss out on the places you can find in Logroño or its surroundings, such as: the luxurious and recently opened hotel in the old “Correos” building, Áurea Palacio de Correos; Hotel 4* Eurostars Fuerte Ruavieja; bodega spa Finca de los Arandinos (located only 10 kilometres from the capital of La Rioja.); o el Wine Oil Spa (15 kilometres from Logroño where you can bathe in red wine or cava.).

Courtesy of  Aurea Palacio de Correos. The spa offers circuits from €30 per person (price for non-hotel guests).

How to get to Logroño?

♦ The capital of La Rioja, located on the banks of the river Ebro, is well connected by the A-68, the N-120 and the N-232, as well as the civil airport of Agoncillo.

♦ Distances: to Madrid 334 km; to Bilbao 124 km; to Zaragoza 170 km; to Pamplona 90 km; to Burgos 111 km; to Barcelona 468 km.