Cine Travel Forum

In this 2023 edition of CINE TRAVEL FORUM on March 24, 25 and 26, three documentary films were screened: Symphony for a New World, Home and The Hidden Messages of Ganga. The screenings are free and open to the public, and are accompanied by a short presentation and subsequent discussion with musician and film composer Roger Subirana, photographer and travel journalist Kris Ubach, and social documentary filmmaker Antonio Rodrigo.

The cycle is directed by the journalist, producer and film director Jordi Llompart, President of the Societat Nova Geogràfica.


Friday 24th March – 17:30 h

Sinfonía por un Mundo Nuevo

Sinfonía por un Mundo Nuevo is a 42-minute audiovisual work that shows in a very moving way what kind of world we have and what kind of world we could build in the future if the human race were to develop more intelligence, sensitivity and respect for the environment.

Saturday 25th March –  17:30 h


Home is a documentary by photographer and filmmaker Yann Arthus Bertrand that shows impressive aerial images of 54 countries and highlights how human exploitation of the planet’s resources is leading to environmental alteration and climate change. It is a work loaded with conservationist messages and great visual beauty.

Sunday 26th March –  13:00 h

Los Mensajes Ocultos de Ganga

Los Mensajes Ocultos de Ganga is a documentary that explores the relationship of the Ganges River with Hindu mythology and the social and economic life of the people living along the river. It also addresses the environmental issues facing the river, while touring places such as Varanasi and featuring testimonies from locals.